Why should I buy from MIXIT when I can buy many of the ingredients at supermarkets and specialty food stores?

Cereals, which are available in regular stores are often made at the lowest cost possible. Therefore boxes with berries might have only a few fruits or consist of baked grains with more fat or more corn waste. We pay attention to the selection of quality materials and you add them to your mix in the amount that you really like. Most important, only with MIXIT and nowhere else can you choose what you like best. Whether you have a fine pallet or follow a diet, freedom of choice is always a good thing. So why not save time and get more for your dollar? Choose to mix your way. Generally there is not a big price difference between MIXIT and a specialized retail store, especially when you compare quality, freedom of choice and the comfort of easy delivery.

How does the Mixit boutique work?

You press START and start creating your own personalized mix, your way. First, you choose one of the healthy cereal bases. Then, you add as many fruits, nuts, grains and sweet ingredients as you want. Step 1: Start with one of our delicious bases, and check the nutrient counter. It will tell you how much fat and sugar and other nutrients you added to your mix. Some bases are very simple to give you more flexibitity, others are more complex for more inspiration. Step 2: Add the fruits, nuts, grains and other toppings of your choice. Check the nutrient counter. Make sure the sugar does not get too high but keep some sugar or you may find the mix too bland. Step 3: Create a new mix for another family member or for more variety. Step 4: Check out and arrange for payment and for convenient delivery.

Can I pick up my mixes somewhere myself?

We have set up a two free pick up point in Montreal. We plan to add more in the future and are actively searching one in Québec city. Payments are accepted in advance on the web site and once the order is ready for pickup, we’ll send you an email. Our Montreal pick up locations is: Chez Vincenzo Gelateria, 500 Villeray street, a few steps from St-Denis and The café Webster in St-Lambert. Please bring your email confirmation or a piece of ID and we’ll gladly hand-over the goods. In case you have recommendation for a pick up point in your area, let us know on

How can I pay for my mixes?

We welcome Visa and MasterCard today. If you would like us to accept more payment methods, please give us the feedback at

Can I get free delivery?

Yes, if you order 6 tubes and more, we pay. As well, if you choose personal pick up at one of our partners' locations, you don't pay anything.

How big are the tubes?

Cereals and crunchy fruits are filled into attractive tubes which are 27 cm high; they are sure to surprise you positively with their size. We usually manage to fill them with 550-700g. of mix. The total weight of the mix remains the same even when you add other goodies. The Canadian Guideline for a single portion is 28g but, for a full breakfast, we think 50g will satisfy you better. So you will get 12-15 full bowls depending on what you order. For nuts, we use the same tubes but fill them less full due to the greater weight and the wish to keep the price of a tube reasonable. Until we get smaller tubes, we'll add a few surprise samples for you so you can try our other fabulous recipes as well.

How long will my MIXIT goodies last at home?

Your mix will come wrapped in a colourful tube and sealed in a plastic bag. We like to keep the food in the bag even once opened, and for convenience you can roll down the bag along the sides of the tube. Your mix should last at least 3 months, but in most cases, a 4 months shelf life is likely, if you keep it in a dry, cool and dark environment

Where are your ingredients from?

We favour local Canadian suppliers but in some cases, our healthy ingredients are only grown and dried in exotic countries. However we very carefully choose our sources and always select the best quality for you. If you have a recommendation for local suppliers, please write to us at We will contact them and verify if that would be an option.

Where do you mix it?

Everything is done in Montreal. We have a sterile mixing room, where we keep all the ingredients for combining into the best mixes. We meet all Canadian standards for food production. We carefully guard the quality of raw materials and only order from trusted suppliers. Our passion is to create the perfect product for you.

Why a breakfast (or snacking, munching, lunching) mix?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it can give you a great start. The quality cereal mixes we offer, will always deliver enough energy for the morning, allowing your body to benefit from a dose of vitamins, fiber, etc. Also, you can mix your mix according to the nutritional value of the ingredients you put in the tube

On some pictures ingredients look as if they were just taken from the tree. Would I get them in my mix as shown?

We would love to give you fresh fruit in your mix, but since it will be some time in the tube, it would not get to you in good shape. In some cases we show pictures of fruit in its original shape, but of course we deliver everything dry. The good news is, that even dry, our fruits retain a high % of vitamins. In the case of freeze dried, you will be amazed how close the taste is to real fruit.

It is possible to mix a gluten-free or organic mixture?

Yes, we try to accommodate people with celiac, diabetics and allergies to lactose. The most popular dietary staples include amaranth, soy, quinoa, buckwheat or goji. Some of the ingredients are available in organic form also. From our experience, we can often source conventional goods in a comparable quality at a better price level and with less vulnerability to environmental influences. We are not a certified Bio or Gluten Free facility but the ingredients that are marked as such are certified.

Can I send MIXIT as a gift?

This goes without saying. Our beautiful packaging and mixes make perfect gifts to bring to any special occasion and especially hostess gifts at dinner parties. And if you are not sure what to mix, there is a section of premixed MIXIT. We can also ship to the address of your choice.

How can i get my mix? I am not from Montreal.

Easily, because we deliver across Canada. Shipping to your home or work is free if you buy 6 tubes and more; for less than 6 tubes, you pay only $4.99 + tax in Quebec/Ontario, and $9.99+tax to other provinces. If you are from a city where we have a partner, you can pick it up there free of charge. Didn't find it but have a great idea of a suitable store that would make a great pick up point? Let us know and we will try to arrange it.

If your offer is missing my favorite ingredient, can you add?

Our team thrives on adapting to you and your taste, so please contact us at if you are missing something.

I now have 1 431 tubes at home. Can I order my mix only in the bag?

Although our tubes look more like works of art, they are still the main protection for our products. They are recyclable, protect the contents from mechanical damage and environmental influences and will fit most pantries. We also use our tubes to pack other food items or small objects and toys afterwards; they can even be used to help decorate your home.

Something is wrong with my delivery

Please write us at or call at 438 888 9612. We’ll get this fixed at the speed of light.

What are credits?

Credits are a currency which can be an alternative to money and allow you to pay part of your mix order. They are usually given away promotionally and periodically. You just have to enter the specific code in the "activation discounts" in the cart and once the order is paid, the appropriate number of credits will be credited to your user account so that you can apply them to your next purchase. To obtain the discount code follow us on social networks FB, Twitter or Instagram.

What is happening when you make your mix?

You first choose a base consisting of a balanced variety of ingredients, mostly flakes and grains. Based on the weight and volume, each base has been given a distinct weight, between 550g and 700g, so that all mixes fit snugly in a tube. As you add ingredients, the volume of base elements decreases to make room for the additional ingredients. But the total mix volume always remains the same. The price for ingredients adjusts the total price and it's your decision what final amount you spend. Of course, in case of BIO or super foods, the final cost will be slightly higher. You have complete freedom to make mixes that contain what you like. To make a great mix, we suggest adding fruit and other ingredients. Of course, if you like simple and light, our bases are also delicious and nutritious on their own.

Do your ingredients contain sugar?

Our bases have very little sugar but have a lot of natural ingredients. We have a bit of sugar in some bases because most of us are used to high sugar and we know It's tough to move away from sweets. So we add a little more taste to some items and use many ingredients which contain natural sweetners, like fruits or syrups, to help you transition to a heathier lifestyle. And because it's not much fun to always be perfect.

Vos produits contiennent-ils du sucre?

Nos produits de base contiennent très peu de sucre, mais beaucoup d’ingrédients naturels. Certaines de nos bases contiennent un peu de sucre, car la plupart d’entre nous ont l’habitude de consommer beaucoup de sucre, et nous savons qu’il est difficile de s’en départir. Alors nous ajoutons un peu de goût à certains articles et utilisons de nombreux ingrédients contenant des édulcorants naturels, comme des fruits ou des sirops, pour vous aider à faire la transition vers un style de vie plus sain. Et parce que la perfection n’est pas toujours amusante.

Comment pouvons-nous faire nos propres mélanges?

"D’abord, vous choisissez une base composée de divers ingrédients équilibrés, surtout des flocons et des graines. Selon le poids et le volume, chaque base a un poids distinct variant entre 550 g et 700 g pour que tous les mélanges puissent être livrés dans un tube. À mesure que vous ajoutez des ingrédients, le volume de la base diminue pour laisser de l’espace aux autres ingrédients. Toutefois, le volume total du mélange demeure toujours le même. Le prix total est ajusté en fonction du prix des ingrédients, et vous décidez du montant final que vous dépensez. Bien entendu, dans le cas des produits biologiques ou des super-aliments, le coût final sera légèrement supérieur. Vous êtes entièrement libres de faire des mélanges qui contiennent ce que vous aimez. Pour faire un excellent mélange, nous vous suggérons d’ajouter des fruits et d’autres ingrédients. Bien entendu, si vous aimez les mélanges simples et légers, nos bases sont délicieuses et nutritives sans ajouts. À la fin, vous pouvez nommer votre mélange unique comme vous le voulez. Chaque membre de la famille pourrait avoir son propre mélange. Alors, amusez-vous et profitez de vos créations."

Il y a un problème avec ma livraison

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