Granola paques avec oeufs
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  • No Gluten
Nutritional values 100g:
Energy values 430.0 kJ Fats 16.0 g
Saturated Fats 2.0 g Carbohydrates 63.0 g
Sugars 13.0 g Fibre 7.0 g
Proteins 10.0 g Salt 0.00199 g

Easter Egg Hunt

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Weight: 700 g

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The idea of the Easter Bunny originated in Germany where kids would wake up Easter morning and build nests out of sticks and leaves so the Easter Bunny could leave them eggs. Our new Easter mix is crunchy, fresh and comes with a few surprises too: Crunchy Granola bursting with tropical flavours like lemon, mangos and strawberries. And for a little fun, we hid 7 Easter eggs in the tube. Go hunting and enjoy the crunch!

Ingredients: organic oat flakes, organic tapioca syup, organic canola oil, organic brown rice flour, natural mangos, natural strawberries, organic lemon powder. EGGS: milk chocolate, almonds, sugar, corn syrup, tapioca dextrin, artificial colors. camauba wax, natural flavour, glaze.

Benefits: Top health cereal with high crunch. No refined sugar, low fat, for the health fanatics (but skip the eggs!). Tapioca syrup is a natural sweetner with lower calories. Dried fruits are natural.

Country of origin Flag canada

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