CHOCOLATE Raspberries Truffles

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Everyone is entitled to a sweet tooth day. When it hits, pull up this super easy Choco-raspberry truffle recipe.   You’ll make magic with the hero ingredient, our delicious crispy raspberries. The recipe takes only a few minutes and everyone will crave for more.Ingredients:• 250g good quality dark chocolate• 90 ml whip cream• 20g butter• 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier• Zest of one orange• Pinch of salt• A few drops of vanilla extract• Freeze-dried raspberries (about 30 g) - buy HERE1. Chop the c...

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We LOVE cereals, but it’s hard to eat between two classes.. so we made energy bars with them!    - 2 mashed medium bananas - 10 dates -  1/2 cup water - Any MixIt cereal mix based with Oatmeal, with nuts and dried fruits - 5-6 dired abricots, chopped - 4 medium dried figs, chopped - 1/4 coconut, avocado, canola or olive oil - 1 tablespoon cinamon - 1 teaspoon nutmeg - A pinch of salt - 1 teaspoon vanilla extract * Feel free to add nuts, dried fruits and ...

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Mascarpone freeze dry rasspberies1 resized square

Summer is showing its full power. Beautiful sunny days attract us all outside and give us an opportunity to do many fun activities. At the moment when you want to take a break and refresh yourself, we prepared a quick recipe as a light dessert. Be careful, it’s addictive :) . You can get our freeze dry raspberries in our fruit mix. What you don't use for the dessert, you can just have as a snack or you can make a tea. Ingredients for 5 small portions: 250 g mascarpone 4 spoons of ...

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Choco-coffee oatmeal squares for father's day, by Cynthia Marcotte, Dt.P. 24 squares, preparation time:10 minutes, cooling time: 15  minutes. Ingrédients 125 ml (½ cup) peanut butter 250 ml (1 cup) dark chocolate chips 15 ml (1 tbsp) instant coffee powder 500 ml (2 tasses) Mixit Hungry like the wolf oatmeal   125 ml (½ tasse) mixed nuts   Préparation In a small microwave safe bowl, melt peanut butter with chocolate chips and instant coffee (proceed by 30 second i...

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Who is hungry like the wolf?

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Hungry like the Wolf! A complete protein breakfast, so convenient for athletes!   No more protein powder additions to your breakfast and snacks. You can choose an oatmeal mix containing 13g of protein per 50g serving. The addition of milk, yogurt or soy milk can lead to a breakfast with 20g of protein. A great advantage of proteins is to provide a feeling of satiety. The recipe was developed thanks to good ideas and sound advice of a sports nutritionist Josiane Tanguay. Our ingred...

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A chance to win a dining experience with a great chef!

Truc bien manger

My Dux tip! A chance to win a dining experience with a great chef! Do you have tips that could inspire busy people to eat better every day? Share your best tip on the Dux website, using a photo or a 30 to 45 seconds video, for a chance to win real nice price! The winner will win a culinary experience with a chef and a nutritionist valued at $ 1,500. We’ve also jumped in and will draw a $40 Mixit gift voucher among those who mention Mixit in their publication. Moreover, you'll get a chance to ...

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Chewy cereal bar recipe

Bar granola 2

With the arrival of spring, we have prepared a simple recipe that will allow you to prepare delicious treats from cereals. Healthy and crispy, and simply perfect to eat sitting in the sun on the balcony! This is a recipe ready in a jiffy. You can order a tube Mixit oatmeal or use left over ingredients at home.You must have on hand:oatmeal - 1 ½ cupsCranberry - ¼ cupraisins or apricots - ¼ cupcashew nuts - 1/8 cupsunflower seeds - 1/8 cup Combine dry ingredients in a bowl and add:yogurt - ½ cu...

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How i created the cereal mix Vitality Source

Vitalite with julie small

When I discovered Mixit, I fell in love with the concept of personalizing my breakfast cereal according to my wishes. When Stephanie, co-owner of Mixit offered me to create a very healthy Ready Mix, I accepted on the spot! And from the beginning, I did not want to create a cereal that would only rime with health. Because I cannot eat food just because it is nutritious. It must first please my taste buds! That is why I am proud to say that my cereal "Vitality Source" is very healthy, tasty and...

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More protein for breakfast

Smes ostatni

Looking for protein for breakfast, to keep the energy up? We created a small list that includes the number of grams of protein per 50g. Think seeds, grains and nuts! Here it is: soy grain 18; hemp seed 16; pumpkin seed 15; peanut 13; sesame seed 11; sunflower seed 11; almond 10; pistachio 10; flax seed 9; chia seed 9; kamut grain 8; quinoa grain 8.

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Mixology 101 - how to create your first breakfast mix

Healthy breakfast %282%29

Are you creating your first Mixit? It’s easy and fun and here are a few tips: What texture do you like? Very crunchy: granola.  Lightly crunchy: cereal.  Creamy: oatmeal, rice& quinoa cream and Dr. Bircher.  Creamy bases have almost no sugar, i.e. oatmeal, rice cream and Dr. Bircher. Add spices (vanilla, cinnamon, matcha tea, cacao) or a natural sweetener like maple sugar, coconut sugar, dried fruit. Granola and cereal already have some sweetener added.  Add 3 to 5 ingredien...

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How to reduce sugar levels in your breakfast cereal mix?


(glycemic index) 1- Choose tasty spices like vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and matcha tea. They will add great taste and only traces of calories! 2- Choose low glycemic index fruits such as ground cherries (15), red berries (25), apricots (35), peach (35), apples (35), figs (40). 3- Eat your cereal flakes raw. For example, choose quinoa (35), oats (40), spelt flakes (45) or kamut. 4- If you can not do without a little sugar, choose honey (60), maple syrup (65), algave (15). 5- Add n...

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Whole grains nutritional values


You'll find here an interesting table highlighting benefits provided by many whole grains. Most grains provide a Good or Excellent source of protein, fiber, magnesium and maganese.  Manganese is used for prevention and treatment weak bones (osteoporosis), a type of “tired blood” (anemia), and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).             Portion - 45g   kamut avoine quinoa seigle é...

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You love smoothies? We have a nice recipe for you!


Smoothies are great for any time of day - for lunch, a snack and an evening at home. If you add a pinch of MIXIT, your smoothie will become a real delicacy!A Mixit banana smoothie!What do you need? 2 bananas……….sliced up50ml of milk200ml of natural yoghurtA spoon full of honeyAnd most importantly….Mixit crunchy fruit!You put all ingredients into the blender…. You mix it properlyAnd it’s done!Enjoy your recipe! One last tip: If you want your smoothie real cold, add to the blender 100 ml of ice...

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When did we start celebrating Thanksgiving?


Around the world we celebrate the harvest season this time of the year. But since when do we celebrate Thanksgiving? The roots of Thanksgiving date back more than 2,000 years, when Celtic priests and druids celebrated the season of harvest. For the Celts and Slavs, the custom was linked to the belief of a mother seed. In Canada, Thanksgiving rites included local celebrations of abundant harvests, but no specific day was chosen before the eighteenth century.  Thanksgiving was celebra...

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The benefits of maple syrup

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 Give your immune system a boost with antioxidant-rich maple syrup.Unlike many syrups and sugars, maple syrup is 100% natural and completely unrefined-retaining all the sap's nutritional elements as it's transformed into syrup. Best of all, maple syrup is made up of vitamins and nutrients that are an essential part of a daily diet.Not only does maple syrup have a distinctly unique taste, its flavour profile is also one of a kind. Unlike other sweeteners, maple syrup isn't classified as tastin...

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Cereal and granola sampling at La Maison Ogilvy


We were invited to La Maison Ogilvy for a weekend, to present our healthy and savory mixes. We gave more than 700 samples, and sold a stack of tubes with a height of about 25 meters;-)  You see here a few new followers and our youngest team members, Alexandre and Choan! For the occasion, we have launched a new mix, the BCBG. So tasty, so natural and so original! Bio Chocolate Bio Granola - gluten free, all natural and almost entirely organic. Enhanced with tapioca syrup, 70% dark chocol...

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Compare Mixit to other food retailers

Le blogue de julie mixit cereales 3

MIXIT custom-made mixes versus retail Compare MIXIT to a retail store and see how Mixit wins 4 to 1, especially if you value quality, freedom of choice and the comfort of easy delivery.       1. Cost per portion and cost per gram comparison Retail cereals  MIXIT Bases  Usual size of cereal bag is 350 – 450g Size is between 550 – 700 g Contains 1-3 ingredients Contains...

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3 tricks to help your family to make healthier food choices

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I’ve always been a bit of a workaholic. Every passing day, I become more convinced that if I want to keep the same pace, I need to manage stress and pay attention to what I feed my body. I’ve found that by eating better, I catch fewer colds and viruses. And, I also have a family that I want to keep healthy.   My 8 year old son got a bit chubby a few years ago and I got him to slim down by feeding him healthy food that he happens to like. I found ways to hide good nutrients in tasty food. I...

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The best seeds? pumpkin and sesame ?

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    I love seeds, and the more I discover them, the more I do. I got really excited when I discovered chia and hemp.  But recently, as I reviewed the nutrients table for seeds and nuts, two seeds jumped at me clearly: pumpkin and sesame. What is so special about these seeds? They provide the highest values in several minerals: Pumpkin:  manganese, iron, zinc Sesame: calcium, iron, zinc, copper. Yet, in case you are missing potassium, go for pistachios. If selenium is what yo...

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How to eat the perfect breakfast

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By: Megan Ogilvie Health Reporter, Published on Tue Feb 18 2014 Breakfast cereal. For most of us, the morning staple is a mound of flakes, carelessly poured into a bowl and covered with a few glugs of milk. A mindless meal to be eaten in minutes while we scan news headlines, watch sports highlights or empty the dishwasher. On some days, the monotony of cereal is most of its charm. But what if it could be more? What if cereal were to become a handcrafted and carefully sourced meal tha...

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